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Masafi Tissues - Pure Soft Care


White Tissues

White TissuesDesigned to reflect the core identity of Masafi, the white tissue depicts the fundamental values of the region’s culture.

The green palm leaf comes from the exclusive and original regions palm tree, while the mountains represent the rich landscape formed thousands of year ago to give this region its unique aspect.

Floral Tissues

Floral TissuesIntended to fit at home or in the office, the floral range characterizes different dispositions that suit each environment. The light colors, red, green and purple, portray the soft yet strong, world-class tissue Masafi has always delivered to the community.

Boutique Fragrant Tissues

Boutique Fragrant TissuesMasafi offers a fresh range of Fragrant Tissues in three subtle fragrances: Oud, Rose, Spring and Lavender. As soft and gentle as all Masafi tissues, fragrant tissues add a refreshing touch to the sophisticated individual who is looking
for la crème de la crème.

Car Tissues

Car TissuesThe car tissue box has been specially designed for use in vehicles and comes with an innovative and handy side pocket, which allows drivers to reach for a tissue quickly and easily. The car tissue box with its attractive design sits neatly inside a car’s front-door pocket.